Msmax used my electric-circuit to make a compact box.

This box came to the market without the pump plugs. To connect the MSmax box to the plugs I made this page.


Here you can see a 10-pin power-box


First you need to go to the dealer to order these items


For the 8-pin plug:

1 x 3A0 973 734 housing
1 x 3A0 973 834 housing
4 x 000 979 129 pins (is inclusive with wire)
8 x N 906 844 05 pins


for the 10-pin plug:

1 x 1J0 973 735 housing
1 x 1J0 973 835 housing
5 x 000 979 129 pins
(is inclusive with wire)
10 x N 906 844 05 pins

Further you need a cable with four vanes (4x1,00mm2) to connect the box to the pump plugs.


First cut the 4 wires. this will create 8 wires with 8 pins.

The put the pins in the male housing.



Close-up pic male housing



Now connect the wires of the cable for the power-box to the female housing pins.

2 on 2, 3 on 3, 4 on 4 and 5 on 5.



Now put the pins 1 on 1 in the female housing.

On the pic below you can clearly see the wires of the power-box cable beside the yellow wires of the pump plugs.



Now assemble the powerboxwires to the power-box by using this diagram.





To adjust the resistance of the box you need to measure the value between A and B.


Start with 170ohm and turn down the resistance with small steps

I stopped at 160ohm. This is a good value for my car.


Never measure the resistance when the box is on!!

You will measure a faulty resistance value!!


The power-box will performs best with:

- a closed EGR,

- a diode for Mass-air-flow meter and

- a diode to boost the turbo pressure (or use a bleed-valve if you don't have a MAP sensor).


If the ECU registers a fault code the glow spiral will blink. Just restart the motor and the blinking stops.



All risks are for your own account. If you don't know what your doing, don't even start!