Injector pump-timing


The fuel injection-timing is very important when you start tuning.

The box will elongate the fuel injection time. Hereby the box will bring more diesel fuel to the combustion chambers.

With VAG-com you can measure the pump timing and adjust it mechanical to the perfect point of injection.

If you advance the point of injection you will create more time to bring in more fuel witch will give your car more power.


The pump-timing can not be changed by VAG-com, you can only measure it.

You will have to mechanical adjust the pump timing.

In the report below you can see how it has to be done with a AHU motor.



The pump is fixed with four bolts (No. 13). Three of the bolts are placed under the cog wheel.

And the last bolt is placed behind the pump.

Bolt no 1 on the cog wheel side is easy to reach.



The other two bolts on the cog wheel side you can reach by placing the tool through the cog wheel.

Put your car in the fourth gear and push the car to put the cog wheels holes in line whit the bolts.

Only unscrew the bolts 2 complete turns. Not more!! Then unscrew the fourth bolt at the backside of the pump.



Adjustment goes as follows:


Start the motor of the car and activate VAG-com. Select in VAG-com : engine -> measurement blocks. 

Only start group 00 and click on basic settings. Now click on TDI timing.

Now you will see a graph with 3 static coloured lines and one yellow active line.

Bring the yellow line onto the green line by rolling over the pump clock or counter clockwise.

After the adjustment secure al the bolts. With every bolt you fasten check the timing.

A little change in rotation of the pump will give a big change in pump timing.




This was the timing before the adjustment.




This is the timing after the adjustment. Now the engine starts much better and runs smoother.



The measurement has to be done with a warm engine.

On the graph you can see my engine just wasn't hot enough. Even though the timing is exactly the same with a hot engine. 


Also loosen and fasten the fuel injection pipes with a no.17. This to undo the tension that came after adjusting the pump.



All risks are for your own account. If you don't know what your doing, don't even start!