EGR - MAF - Catalytic converter.

The pic below shows the EGR and the Mass air flow sensor.

Directly behind the turbo the catalytic converter is placed..



The EGR is closed trough a stainless steel plate.

If the EGR is closed no exhaust gasses will return into the engine.

Now there only remains a clean mixture of diesel and air.

This will give the engine more power, especially at low revs.

Trough this modification less fumagine will enter the engine.





The Mass-Air-Flow sensor


The MAF has come obsolyte becaurse of the diode modification.

The diode is a Philips BAV20 and is placed between pin 4 and 5 of the female-plug.



I've removed the snowscreens from the MAFsensor housing. This to create a better airflow.




The Catalytic converter.


I still didn't empty the inside of the cat.

I've decided to wait because of the sharpened fumagine regulations in Holland.




All risks are for your own account. If you don't know what your doing, don't even start!